Post The elimination of the bourgeoisie


I’m going thru the instagrams of some of my former classmates and like they’re all still so hot like there’s one guy named Brock that was literally one of the worst human beings in the world but I’d still let him raw me he could stick it in every orifice idc same with Adam and tor and like 6 other boys from my old school

But this is no song



her: u eat ass?

me: image

delete this post

pale-rabbit replied to your post:

thanks for spoiling

This is barely a spoiler bc it isn’t even relevant to the overall plot plus I tagged it as “spoilers” stop complaining and goodbye



i found my new wardrobe

i need henry the eighth to reside over my crotch like some fucked up guardian who will behead or divorce all who dare try and pass him

Why did cersei like…….assault taena merryweather……in Roberts old bed……

I am having A Good Time